Spark Plug Gap, Fuel Filter

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by bigkev81, Aug 6, 2016.

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    Hi gang :)

    Today I went out and bought myself a spark plug gap tool (coin style) and a replacement fuel filter as my current one wont snap closed anymore.

    I've watched some youtube videos and am ready to regap my spark plugs, but I have no idea the size of the gap and cannot find it anywhere.

    As for the Fuel filter, I bought 2 different ones but am unsure if I can use them with my 66c bike.

    The first fuel filter looks exactly the same as the original but scaled up around 300%

    I also found this one, which is much smaller, but have no idea if it will work with the bike.

    Any info you guys can give would be super helpful.

    Thanks in Advance
    Kev ;)

  2. I would use #1, as long as the furl line fits
  3. bigkev81

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    They both fit the fuel line fine. But the filter in the first link just looks too large, its comical, lol

  4. bigkev81

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    The 2nd one looks more sensible but instead of paper, has like a metallic mesh in it.
    Also, it is so small that my fuel lines are too short, will need to replace with a longer fuel line if I use this filter.

    So which one do you guys reckon. Which one will work? I'm worried the 1st one may be too big/slow and affect performance negatively.

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    The search function is your friend. ;)
    I just read that 0.025" is a good place to start, then try 0.028, 0.030, 0.032, etc. All I did was type "spark plug gapped" into the search box (gap is too short a word).

    And surely(?) a bigger filter flows faster... Idk just seems logical.