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  1. Hello Windy City Bob here. I have a two stroke Chinese generic motor. I installed the East 3.32 spark plug. I got about a quarter to a half mile from my house and heard a loud bang and it was my muffler that shot off of the pipe! SCARED THE CRAP OIT OF ME!!!LOL! I thought I had blown a hole in the side of my engine.
    So I picked it up stashed it in a bush and then as I found a bag I wrapped it up in a couple plastic bags and paper bags and strapped it to my rat with a couple bungee cords and made my way home. Man with this thing loud I mean very very loud. The plug is just about exactly the same size however I think that it may be too hot of a plug I'm told I am still a newbie here, So this is not my area of expertise.
    PLEASE contact me with any info THANX IN.ADVANCE. Bob.

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    Might have just back fired but it would have been scary either way:D
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    I have no clue what that spark plug is.
    The best I have found for a 2-stroke slant head like you have is the NGK 7544 (CR7HIX) Iridium plug and I use NGK Iridium's in everything I build, even 4-stroke builds.

    The 7 in the middle of the number is indeed the heat index number.
    The higher the number, the more heat it dissipates from the engine.


    If you live in the cold, go a lower number, here in the desert we go as high we can, 7's as standard, but even 8's on occasion.
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    i had the same thing happen and i cant remember if i had the E3 plug or just a BikeBerry 3-prong plug. either way i think its just a coincidence, yes i could understand it (E3) being a tad too hot for the engine but i think its more luck of the draw with the mufflers on build quality......
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    Run a good plug like a NGK B7HS or a B6HS. I get mine from the auto parts stores for about $2.50.
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    NGK the smaller the number the hotter the plug it is just the opposite from Champion.
  7. Thanks a bunch. Especially for explaining how the heat works and the numbers that's an excellent excellent piece of information and thank you very much again