Engine Trouble spark plug issues cold weather

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    :( so i have the grubee skyhawk 49 cc and it worked great for a long while after enlarging the ports and smoothing it all out i gained more rpm and top speed ran a lot better too it was very restrickted when i got it from factory,i even bored the carb till i was almost out of metal all this worked great i gained almost 15 kmh i forget its been so long but i think 49kmh from 32 stock.anyway the small bevel wheel broke and i ordered a new one also a cylinder mine was wore through to aluminum.the cylinder was different i had to file away the diameter of the skirt it wouldnt seat to the base.after a lot of work i got it to fit got it all together and went for a test ride seemed to work goood but my motor felt real hot so i checked my plug which was almost white that scary grey colour.it was quite cold out maybe -12 and i never rode it in cold temps before.ive checked all over i have no air gettin in except intake air,ports are bigger on this one though that could change the mixture.i tried thicker air filter for more restriction,less air,more fuel, but it just loses power dosent have that higher pitched clean running sound sputters a bit.i used to have that sound strong running high rpm and no overheating,maybe bigger jet and open up the carb wit a less restrictive filter.i dunno if its just the cold crisp air that changed the running temp or the cylinder or what everthing else including plug is the same as i used to run.Anybody else run thier bikes in cold temps and i tried the NGK BR6HS it was hot grey too even choking it and gettin fuel to it i take it out wit some wet fuel on it from chokin and still grey please help let me know your thoughts