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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by artmaker, Jun 1, 2013.

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    SO today I got my bike out, rode to town and back just fine. Thankfully RIGHT near my house, the motor suddenly quit. And I could see the spark plug wobbling around. So ok fine. The lawnmower plug once just fell out so I thought that was all it was.
    Let the motor cool and went to put it back in but......

    There is a little gold cap that fits on top of the plug. And what looks like a mini staple. Holes in the cap suggest these go together. That little clip seems to be what screws onto the top of the plug.

    The wire cap that fits on the plug has nothing metal inside it.

    Did that metal part come out of there? I tried just putting it all together but it's not right. Nothing is holding the plug wire on.

    Clearly I need to buy a new part. But which part?
    That plug cap is attached to a box attached to the bike. Do I need that entire assembly? And what's that called so I know what to look up?

    Anyone know what I'm talking about?


  2. Old Bob

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    Tighten the spark plug, don't over do it, just make it tight.

    Push the spark plug wire through the boot/cap, take the metal part and stab the end with the sharpend point that is bent 90 degrees to the wire through the outside of the wire into the core. The round coiled part should be in front of the end of the wire. Pull the boot/cap up over the wire so the open end of the coils can be seen in the part of the boot/cap that fits over the spark plug. Snap it down securely of the plug and you are done.
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  3. crassius

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    the plug cap unscrews from the wire - you've most likely lost the tiny spring that sits in the cap under that brass plug with the clip - buy a cap at a local motorcycle shop - NGK LZFH works well, but other NGK caps will fit (look for zero resistance or lowest they have) - in an emergency, one can throw the cap away and bite the end of the rubber off the wire to expose 1/2 inch of copper & wrap that around the top of the plug and put a nut on to hold it
  4. HeadSmess

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    oh wow. i thought that spring came outta my RC car...

    lol. the plug caps are reknowned for being POS. no matter how hard you try screwing that brass bit on it wont stay put.

    two cures... get a plug with R in it. say, BR6Hs. and just run a standard eyelet fitting on the wire. old school works.

    get an ngk or other good quality boot from a motorbike. they just screw onto the lead with what looks like a wood screw inside... a resistor boot to boot.

    the resistor helps stop the CDI dying prematurely.
  5. crassius

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    In my experience, zero resistance works best. 1K or 5K will often work without weakening the spark too much, but 10k will usually kill the spark at high revs.

    For NGK, the third place in the model number is for the resistance value (blank for zero, 01 for 1K, 05 for 5K, 10 for 10K). Also, the next position in the model number will be either "E" if it fits a plug with terminal nut attached, or "F" if it fits right on the terminal stud like the chinese kit caps do.
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    I want to thank everyone for trying, but I walked the bike across the street this morning to my mechanic. One quick look at the coil cap and he showed me, it's broken. So all the screwing and fiddling in the world won't do a thing. I need that part.

    I have a ton of sites bookmarked, I'll sift through and try and remember which one I have had the best luck with. Get that ordered. And may as well get a new plug while I'm at it. That can never hurt.