Spark plug replacement

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Neufcruz, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. Neufcruz

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    I have the gt6 engine kit. What plug would I upgrade to? Been seeing ngk b8hs.

  2. butre

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    b8hs should be good since you're in south beach but with winter coming up you might want to consider a b7hs
  3. MacZulu

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    from what I understand, the higher the plug number the cooler the spark (longer the insulator, white porcelain piece). cooler sparks are better for high compression engines I believe. also I think the warmer the plug the larger the spark produced. the general go to for china dolls is the ngk 6 series. if you change to a high compression head then a cooler spark might help. also make sure your clearance is good when putting in a new plug. I had an iridium that looked good, it was too long and got smacked. Guess I didn't check well enough, I just went back to a ngk 6.
  4. KCvale

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    You want to run as cool (higher number) a plug as you can until you don't keep enough heat in the engine for proper operation and it starts causing poor performance and fouled plugs as it doesn't completely burn all the fuel.

    NGK plugs be it the HS or Iridium HIX's I put in everything, are longer than stock.
    This is a good thing for a stock slant head but I have no idea what gasbikes fake G named engine that is not Grubee has so just see if it fits with a simple roll first.