spark plug [ resistor or non-resistor - gap ]



japat100 said:
does anybody use the ngk,,,R b7 , ,somewhere on the forum i read that the r is for radio noise ,,, will these plugs work ,or should i get one without the r

thanks 70cc
You got it right, hard to believe a non-resistor plug can cause a electrical interference with radio and television. All resistor plugs have a "R" non-resistor plug dont. You dont want to use a resistor plug and a non-resistor plug wire. As far as I know they dont make non-resistor wire anymore, but what comes from China who knows? As a kid, I always thought the "R" was for resisting oil foul, boy was I shocked. I used to work at a parts store right out of high school. I was sent to Champion as a representive to keep their account, that's what they told me.