Spark plug stop working

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by dmpatanis, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. dmpatanis

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    Hello,i want to help me to find why my spark plug "NGK B7HS" that i use in 60cc 2stroke engine after 7-10hours of use sudenly stop to make spark?????
    Please help me.

  2. motorpsycho

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    try a new spark plug.
    even thos it only has 7-10 hours on it, they aren't all perfect.
    it coudl also be a bad spark plug wire, a bad cdi box or a bad magneto.
    do you have anything hooked to the whote wire coming from the engine?
    if so, disconnect it and do not hook anything to the white wire and see what happens.
    hooking somethign to the white wire (such as a headlight) will draw too much from the magneto, making the engine lose spark.
  3. toojung2die

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    Disconnect the kill switch too. It's a common cause of ignition failure and no spark.
  4. bideronit13

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    b7hs is the low heat range plug. Perhaps the plug failed because of it being the low heat.
    If you get a new plug try b5hs SickBikeParts sells them if you cant find it.
  5. bideronit13

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    You know what to. its always good to have a spare plug laying around. I never leave home without one.