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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by yodar, Oct 16, 2010.

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    I got p*ssed off at the cheap plastic terminal shattering TWICE and tightened my motor mount (it DID need a full turn on the nut)and went to NAPA and got a real terminal (which a has a spring clip for the spark plug - end (not the thread) and rubber boot and crimped it onto the cable in place of that bakelite P.O.S. shipped with the bike.

    Replaced the 32:1 with 100:1 Amsoil 2-stroke oil and all is smoother, faster and more well behaved

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    man, you can just remove the stock spark plug wire and boot by unscrewing it from the cdi box. then, get yourself a real automotive spark plug wire and rubber boot. Cut it to length and just screw it right back into the cdi box.
    the stock spark plug wires are junk (as well as the boot).
    by just putting a new boot on the stock spark plug, all you did was improve the boot.
    you need to get rid of the stock spark plug wire because all it is, is just a peice of wire wrapped in plastic. It's not even line a real spark plug wire.

    i'm not sure about running it at 100:1, but i have heard that others have done it.