Spark plug turning black.How do I fix this

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by plinko, May 23, 2010.

  1. plinko

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    I have a spark plug turning black.How do I fix this?I assume I am running lean.And this Is on my weed eater not my motored bike.Still be good to know how to fix this.

  2. wildemere

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    Black is rich, you want tan or grey depending on the type of oil and oil mix. Most good weedeater carbs have a hi & lo mixture screw.

    If it cuts the grass leave it alone, if it four-strokes and won't rev up to speed then go ahead and lean it out.

    Playing with the 3 adjustments, idle, low and high can result in a non running machine if you are not familiar with them.

    My suggestion, take it to a lawn care shop and see if they will explain which screw is which then adjust accordingly.

    Otherwise google is your friend.

    A rich motor runs cool, it is preferable to a siezed lean (hot) one.
  3. plinko

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    A lil hard to start.But runs good.revs up also_On rare occasion It'll stop till I yank the cord.But all In all works good.Thank you windmere for clarifying this.I'll just run It the way It Is since It's running cool.
  4. GearNut

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    You can always paint it tan! :p
    How fresh is the gas? When I run old gas through my weed eater the spark plug gets very unhappy and black. The engine seems to run fine though.
  5. plinko

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    About 2 weeks old.I use sta-bil In my gas to keep It fresh for months.Surprised cali has not arrested me for daring to use a 2 stroke weed eater.:grin5:
  6. GearNut

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    My weed eater is a 2-stroke too. Fresh from the neighbor's trash can to my yard. It just needed a little TLC and now it screams! A Ryobi 32cc convertible shaft.
    My lawn mower used to be a 2-stroke 'till the CDI bit the dust which was not available anymore so I recycled the 'mower. All my leaf blowers are 2-stroke.
    Try using a new spark plug and see if it clears up to a dark brown. It could be as simple as that. For goodness sake, do not use a Champion spark plug. Go with NGK or Bosch if you can.