spark plug wire assembly?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by brydonb, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. brydonb

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    Okay, I had to take my spark plug wire off and the thing fell apart. I took a picture of the 3 parts that were inside of it and I just want to know if anyone could tell me the proper order that they go back in? Thanks.

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  2. GasKicker

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    This happened to me. Can't be fixed. Just find an automotive wire, cut it to size, and replace it. This is a recommended mod anyway.
    The wire end just screws into the ICM.
    Also recommended, replace the plug with a NGK BPR6HS. ($2 Available wherever rice burners are sold).
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  3. brydonb

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    haha right on thanks
  4. kaploink

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    Just make sure to get a solid core non-resistance wire (high performance auto race or normal lawn shop wire). The regular car wires will weaken your spark due to their much higher resistance.
  5. wayde

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    it can be fixed as long as the threads are good
    you put the u clip through the brass put the spring in the boot then with a small flat screw driver carefully screw it back together
  6. Ghost0

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    I have tried both solid core, non-resistor wires and resistor wires and have found no difference in performance. The one advantage that the resistor wires have is solving the dreaded speedometer problem. I used to have to keep resetting my digital speedometer and as soon as I put on the resistor wire it solved the problem.
  7. brydonb

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    that is awesome to know. I was having a hard time with my wireless digital speedo. So your saying that it will fix my interference problem? haha who'd have thunk it, lol.
  8. brydonb

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    Well I have put my wire back together for now. The small u-clip that goes in there I had to snip it a little bit so that I could screw it back in, it does work, and thanks for everyones replies. I am gonna try to find one of the wires that will allow a digital speedometer though. Happy ridin