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    Hi, I found some wire on ebay that I would like the members/mods advice with. It looks like the one that came with the recommended NGK spark plug wire and boot cap that I have previously purchased but im not sure if its the exact one or not Are they the same or is there any difference at all besides having color?

    Here is the recommended one I previously purchased which works great

    Here's the one im wondering if its the same wire

    and finally here is 5 foot wire im concerned about buying, whether is it the same or not, just a plain black compared to the others that are colored.

    YAY or NAY?
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  2. crassius

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    I get mine here


    and also get my NGK LZFH Spark Plug Caps there too
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    I use 8mm carbon core wire from local auto parts store. you can buy plug wires individually at most auto parts store, I bought one 24" long with boots on both ends, cut it in half. been running strong for a year
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  5. crassius

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    I like zero resistance wire & caps. Seen too many problems with carbon wire & resistor caps.

    I also like to put CDI behind carb or under motor, so long wires are needed.

    ebay stuff looks OK, but a bit pricey
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    I just took one of my spare plug wires from my truck. Lol.
    I have a jaguar cdi and that wire seems to work better than any other I've tried.