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Apr 4, 2008
Wichita, KS
My 07 NE5 Whizzer came with an NGK C7E plug. I recall reading that the gap was .025 - but I also thought I read somewhere a better plug than the NGK C7E.

I used the search function many times and came up with nothing - I used Google - anyone remember reading anything or know which plug to recommend?

Someday the questions will slow down...I promise - I hope to progress from Full Noob to Junior Noob in a few months! :LOL:


Hi there is an NGK Iridium upgrade for the stock plug number, not easy to find, might have to order, it it rumoured to be the Bee's Knee's if you know what I mean.

Hi Mike, I saw the Iridium online - says it is much better than the platinum. I will see if I can find it locally - of course this is in a place where every auto parts store I went to didn't carry 40 wt. oil =P
Will putting a hotter plug make the engine run hotter? I only ask because I thought about it and then found this out there:

"Let's make this really simple: when you need your engine to run a little cooler, run a colder plug. When you need your engine to run a little hotter, run a hotter spark plug. However, NGK strongly cautions people that going
to a hotter spark plug can sometimes mask a serious symptom of another problem that can lead to engine damage. Be very careful with heat ranges."
Hi matthew Iridium plug works with stock coil and makes A cleaner spark in all rpm range.The platinum plug needs 10k hotter coil for every piece of platinum or they will run cold and foul. I use Iridium in all the whizzers .My own and the ones I sell. Hope this helps.... BILL green Vancouver Whizzer
Hi Bill...thanks for the update. I will look and see if there is Napa place here in town. Picked up my new speedo/odo cable from the dealer today - he doesn't stock the plugs. Stopped at Autozone - Pep Boys, O'Reily's, and Advance Auto Parts on the way home. At each store I gave them both the NGK CR7EIX and the 7385 part number - no luck.

One guy tried to sell me some Bosch Platinum plug with 4 prongs that he said would "blow away" any NGK plug. I politely declined.

If I can't find a local Napa source I will just order them online :)

I'm just loving my Whizzer!
That's why I am sticking with the advice of the Whizzer guru's like yourself and Quenton :)
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