Spark plug?



What Plug brand and plug number do you swear by for the factory set up?

What Plug brand and plug number do you swear by if I plan to try running a standard solid core plug wire and automotive boot? I am considering possibly using a standard automotive carbon core wire in its entirety. I am open to any concerns or recommendations on my wire and boot selection.

I am concerned about reliability and ease of starting. Performance and power as a consequence of fulfilling my primary concerns is OK. But Power and speed are way down on my list of concerns when compared to reliability and ease of starting.


PS: No brand wars please.:eek:
Thank you.
I searched for that exact phrase too. I got about 4 pages of hits and none did much more than cover used a solid core wire or mentioned carry a spare plug and wrench.

OH well
Thanks, Kep1a
EDITED to tone it down: yes, this topic becomes one more bad result, that's why we've fought so hard from day one to minimalize new topics.
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I did not say the topics or information was garbage I said the results were garbage with respect to the search terms I used. Most threads were not even about an engine much less any spark plug information.

I got four pages with this first search and none really had anything to do with spark plugs.

"Spark Plug"
I tried Spark Plug and got the same as above and way too many other results to be able to sift through them all in one sitting when most were not spark plug related information.
I honestly expected to find the information in the first 2 or three results. I was discouraged and could not believe I could be the first to discus the issue about spark plug brand and # application.

Possibly I need to do a search on how to properly use the search feature :)

Sorry no offence intended
yup, that topic will lead you to an even more productive one :cool:

hey, all good...this topic was picked out for example, not you personally...searching is difficult, but you'll get better if you at least try before posting, and there are options that most people won't bother to learn, but if you do refine ("replacement spark plugs" would have been perfect, no?) your search skills, there's a ton of good stuff here on the basics :)
Also it might be worth mentioning that if you get too many results for a search, just pick one that seems close, then look at the list of "Similar Threads" at the bottom of the page. I often find that the system has somehow found more accurate targets.