spark plugs grubee 48cc

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    i think its about time for a new plug for my grubee 48cc engine. do any of you guys have any recommendations?? also the plug wire never wants to clip onto the plug?? is this normal?? is there an aftermarket plug wire kit or something to fix this if this issue is common?? thanks for any advice you may have. im new to the scene fellas and appreciate a good opinion :grin5:

  2. you have to unscrew the sparkplug tip first,then it will fit like a glove.
  3. ve-gas bike

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    haha that tip rattled itself loose so i put it back on. funny i guess ill take it back off. thanks.
  4. I have the Grubee 48cc and run the NGK B6HS. I also replaced the plug wire and cap. Go to the local auto parts store and ask for a distributor wire. Mine came with a molded on cap, so everything is pretty much waterproof.