Spark Problem!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jototojo, Mar 3, 2012.

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    Hello people,
    Yesterday i finished my new motorized bicycle...
    Today i woke up excited to test it, buuuut, i found a problem, it never started!
    Gas and oil gets down, so no problem. But i checked the spark and it doesnt have a spark, i tested 2 spark plugs, i have all the engine-cdi cables wired, white cable isolated. No kill-switch.
    I tried without the spark cap, only the cable, NOTHING.

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  3. jototojo

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    This is embarrasing.
    I've dealed with motored bicycles for about 3 years.
    And the problem was that i didnt put the carburator lever (sorry, idk the word im from argentina).
    I thought that as it was really hot here i wouldnt need the lever thing. But after trying street by street, arriving to my house exhausted i thought, why dont i give a try to the carburator lever? On the first try it started. THANKS FOR ALL THE ANSWERS! I learned a lot of things today!
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    That would be the choke.
    but, the choke has nothing to do with the engine not getting spark.
    It had to have had spark when you checked it or it never would have started.
    I'll bet that you checked for spark after you tried starting it without using the choke, I bet the spark plug was too wet for it to spark, so you assumed that it didn't have any spark at all.
    Sounds like the plug was fouled and you let it sit for enough time to let the plug dry out. Then when you tried the choke, it started right up because the plug was able to spark because it was dry enough.
    Glad you got it running.