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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by fetor56, Apr 19, 2008.

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  1. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Amazingly comprehensive....this should be a Sticky in the Help section.

  2. HoughMade

    HoughMade Guest

    This should be a sticky in a couple of different places- excellent!
  3. Aussie_Glenn

    Aussie_Glenn Member

    As a n00b just about to start bolting a HT onto a MTB frame a HUGE thanks. Have spent days reading up here and was just about to go hunting again to put together the list of this I needed to do for my build.

    Thanks heaps!

  4. BoltsMissing

    BoltsMissing Active Member

    Thanks Sparky,
    much appreciated.

    All the Best

  5. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Thanks Sparky, the best piece of work ive seen here so far! THANKS! graucho
  6. astring

    astring Member

    this really helps. Shouldn't this be in a sticky?
  7. Torques

    Torques Guest

  8. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Thanks for doing this Sparky. I know it took a lot of time and hard work. It's really great!
  9. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    Thank you all! I'd also like to thank my English teachers for ramming the importance of outlining & proofreading into my pretty thick skull.

    I hope people will continue to send me updated information and links, either by PMing me or just posting in this thread so I can update the first post.
  10. Jim H

    Jim H Guest

    :shock: Right on, Sparky!
  11. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Wow!!! Noobs won't ever have to ask questions again!