Special coatings for internal engine parts can make miracles

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    So one guy that races, swears by coatings. He says they accidently added the wrong fuel during a pit stop(100:1 instead of 40:1) and they figured that the bike would sieze up before the end of the race. It not only made it through the race. Upon inspection they found that there was no damage or even noticeable wear at all in the engine. Miraculous really



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    I just ordered the powder (for the cylinder), grease (for the primary gears), and oil (for the chain). I expect it will give better acceleration and a bit more top end speed. And stop cylinder and primary gear wear.
    If friction in those 3 areas robs half a horsepower from a 2 horsepower engine then you´ve lost 25% of your power. I think this is a great idea. thanks for the info!
  3. lazylightning@mail.r

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    It will be great if it just at least saves the parts at higher loads and rpm's!