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    Did a search,could not find what I wanted.Looking for special tools to work on setting up wheel hubs.There must be a wrench thin enough to hold the bearing race while setting lock nut.Where might one find the high temp grease for the coaster brakes?

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    Found mine on e-bay and local bike shop.
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    thin cone wrenches come in handy
    bike shop as posted above

    Sears used to have some nice thin wrenches
    that with just a little extra grinding on the sides
    made darn good strong cone wrenches
    seems that's what we used in our shop years ago

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    I took a cheap 15mm combination wrench,(actually need a open end wrench) and took it to a grinder. I laid it up on the side of the wheel grinding both sides of the wrench until I got it as thin as I wanted it. There isn't enough torque on the lock nut that a wrench ground like that won't hold up to. The first is a cheap POS from China Mart that didn't last one use. In the second you can see both a unground and ground wrench.

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    Great info,now ready to tackle the world.
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    I did the same to a small crescent wrench. Lets me adjust some bolts even if I don't have the right size on hand.

    Mike Frye