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I'm a newbie and have absolutely no experience with motorized bikes, or for that matter switching out parts on a regular bike.
I have been reading the various threads about what kinds of bikes to look for,etc, but I have been unable to read some of the older threads, because they have apparently been moved. Thus if the following is found in the older threads, I apologize before hand.
Is there some general guidlines as to the physical space and configuration of the bicycle for easiest installation? For example, what is the actual diameter of the seat post and down tube for which these kits were designed to fit without modification of the motor mounts? How about the angle between the seat post and down tube? Is there a comfortable range, or are they designed for a particular angle? How about the typical height requirement above the motor mount points? If the above does vary with the particular kit, would the requirements for some commonly used kits be useful.
It would seem to me, that information like this would allow someone (especially us newbies) to better evaluate whether a particular bike frame may be suited for an easy vanilla installation.
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Apr 24, 2007
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i know from experience, that most beach-comber frames (as far as fit) work. my scwhinn's seat tube motor mount needed no mods, but the downtube did (pretty fat) if the downtube diameter is the same as the seatpost, you'll prolly not have to do any mods.

if the seat post angle is severe, you run the risk of cracks (thats been proven).

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the threads you're looking for do exist, unfortunately some old internal-crosslinks are dead-in-the-water because of a recent software change.

(try some searches by context. if you match one up, PLEASE let us know so we can fix it)