Specifications needed for Motor to fit in Frame.



Hello, I am about to purchase the 70cc Kit from PowerKing, but I was wondering how much room was needed to fit the engine inside the frame. What diameter should the tubes on the frame be? And If anyone could tell me how many inches the motor basically needs (Length, Height, stuff like that). Thanks in advanced, I and hope to join this forum in the future!
18" frame for 26" wheels tubes should be steel 1"- 1 1/8" old GT DiamondBack and Hard Rock Specialized are usually the winners of almost any of the sized yup those have been the sure shooters if your fabricating and want an early start the use the Dimensions off of one of these bikes but if you want to go as Custom as you can Wait til Delivery.
Put in a China kit

Hi or you can use old american cruisers, like I did, see my site.

Make yourself an X-shape from 2 pieces of wood 280mm long. If this x-shape fits into the frame, the motor should fit. I have a schwinn moab with a 17" frame. The HTfits, but very tight.
Hope this helps.....