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    What is your average speed? I know we all like to top out every once in a while but, what's your normal everyday cruise speed? I usually ride anywhere from 13-18 mph and pedal it helps keep the cops off my back when they see leg movement and a normal bike speed.

    Tires does anyone offer a taller tire? Not looking for a different size rim just a taller tire for my 26" rims. Something that would give more cushion between the outer most part of the tire and the rim?

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    I like to putt along about 12-15mph.
    The tires on my Schwinn are huge! They don't have a name on them just a symbol that looks like GT and the size 26 x 2.125. I know they are bigger than the 2.125 Innova's on the 58.
    Can anyone tell me what they are? I want more of them!!!

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