speed bike motorized the city pounder

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by turbo/chaos, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    oh yeah this thing is a beast .
    i was just crusing around on a 26 inch rim thin slim slick tire

    and i was keeping up with people in a 45mph zone:p

    and get this i just got down with it this morining and took it for
    a 20mil ride but did 8mil in 15 min :shock:

    but here are the pics i call it the CITY POUNDER

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  2. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    We need larger pics and I hope the brakes are up to the task. ;)
  3. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    yeah sorry all get some bigger ones check back tonight
  4. gauge

    gauge Guest

    yes please get bigger pics i cant find my magnifing glass lol, and is that 45mph on the 44 tooth sprocket cause if it is that thing is alsome
  5. Scottm

    Scottm Guest

    Good to see you back on the road Turbo.
  6. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    hope this is bigger

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  7. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Pretty cool Turbo. Looks like he's about ready to hop on and ride. Two things: Is she stable at speed? And though some believe that brakes are overrated, you gotta upgrade man.
  8. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    yes she is fast 45mph zone and was keeping up :cool:

    stable amazingly with mtb handlebars dont know aboute the speed handlebars

    slim tires will go fast know i need the light wieght sprocket and fill no vibration and when i mean fast a person in a truck called me a f g today and his freinds where in there and he bolted down a 35 mph road well he got 5 car head start and insanely and i dont know but i chased him down and gave him the one finger salute

    and the jaw drop was priceless:grin::grin::grin:
    and it is stock so nakeing it faster is well maybe scary
  9. Alaskavan

    Alaskavan Guest

    Way cool.:grin::cool::grin::cool:
  10. Don't get me wrong,Turbo. YOU RULE!

    ..but 45 mph on a happy time with a 44t?

    C,mon man.

    rpm's would be what,11..12 thousand?
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  11. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    well thats what i am guessing do to the fact that i was on the road durin 12:30 luch rush traffic and keeping up in a two lane road but it is the
    type-d 65cc egine that i am and this things push the limit in motors

    but once i get my speedo fixed or new one all get a vid for you all just
    wait all show you
  12. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    the little guy looks like he's proud of daddy's bike :D
    cool !!!
  13. dave1490

    dave1490 Guest

    im with you 45 just to fast,besides most people do 55mph in a 45 zone
  14. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest

    Sounds Fast!

    Looks good Turbo! I took your advice also on getting a bike without the mountain bike tires. My bike has the 44 tooth, and I can easily get it over 30 mph, but the vibration from the mountain bike tires makes it too uncomfortable to go beyond that. The new bike I just bought has slicks, and is much lighter, so I am anxious to see how fast I can get it with the 44T.

    Speaking of the sprocket, would there be any real difference in a 36T versus 32T? Here in the Dallas area, it's fairly flat, so I thought a smaller sprocket would be better. I can get a 36T for about $30, or a 32T for $50, both include the shipping. I wasn't sure if the 32T would be worth the extra 20 bucks
  15. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    36 best for speed pickup and is faster unless you whant to go much faster but go true up you spokes at the bike shop and shold stop the vibration unless the engine needs to be cheked for the bolts to see if it is bolted on right see that

    or see i ther is a wobble in the rim hope not since you said new man later
  16. cool looking simple ride turbo chaos looks like a speed demon and makes me want the 65cc engine!
  17. iRide Customs

    iRide Customs Member

    Insane speed dude...just let your hair grow too long! :grin:
  18. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    yeah my hair dose fly in the wind its down to my sholders and that is just the top of my head. instaled some lights that run off the magneto now

    and am seeing if i can use the turnsignals out of a bug since it is a 6 volt setup

    but how to get them to work right........... all just have to find out

    but found out my brakes where not lubed so only one side was working and stoping me so now i am stoping good and need it
  19. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    what he said!!
  20. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    i seam a lil hard to understand ................ nothing new but Sorry