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    I brought a f80 which was stock with the NT carby right and i thought i would go out yesterday an buy myself the "Speed carby" which a lot of motorized bike dealers say it will improve the performance of the engine. i went out and purchased one.

    just to notice any changes in performance after i put the speed carby on.

    I got home and went for a little ride on my bike with the NT carby and tested the speed on a straight, perfect riding conditions. Top speed was only: 24mph or 40 km where i come from. This was at full throttle on the flat.

    When i got back from my ride i then connected up the Speed carby, so i was off again test the speed carby. I followed the same road as i tested the nt carby, BUT OMG... Half throttle on the very same road with the very same condition and i was going 32 mph which is 52 km. If i move the throttle more then half way the engine sounds likes it is going into power band and the speed is scary on a peddle bike..

    I can't believe that the NT carby has been locking the power out-put of my engine. The speed carby turns it into a demon.

    Does anyone know if the expansion chambers below are any good:

    Thanks for reading