Break In speed during break in

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I put a speedometer on my bike today and got it up to about 26mph. It's not broken in yet, but when I bought the kit it said I'd get top speeds of around 30 to 35 mph. Does anyone know if this lack of speed is due to the engine not being broke in yet? I'm starting to wonder if I was sent a 50cc rather than the 70cc I thought I was buying. How do I know for sure?
who'd you buy from? how long have you had your engine? are you trying to get top speed at full throttle? on my bike, you get top speed at about half throttle, any more it starts to flood out i think..., but the new style carb is comin in this week, can't wait to get it on...


I got the engine kit from dascommm on ebay. I've only got about 30 miles on it so far. It does seem to run better right around mid throttle, still picks up some after that but starts to vibrate then over rev, so I back off it.
mine's also from dax, and i also have the analog speedo, (plastic), and i've had it read around 33-34 mph on flat ground, and around 40-45 on downhill, but that speedo isn't accurate. I just have it as a reference. right around mid-throttle is where i get my best speed.


Is it normal to not get higher speeds before the engine is broke in?
probably, but don't take my word for it, I'm not that sure... I just kinda went with the flow...

as the rings seat with break-in you'll actually feel improvements in overall performance. i think using the entite throttle does work best, avoid abuse, mind the 20:1 mix during break-in, take your time, watch all the nuts & bolts, gaskets too.

a 4mph discrepancy will likely be found in fuel/ignition.

hmm, never saw an actual measurement posted to answer the 50 or 70 question, but i can say dax isn't known for that kind of thing.

Thats cool! I can feel my engine run a little stronger every ride. Normally I keep it under 20, but a couple times I gunned it. I also still have to get this idle and mixture set perfect too. I seem to have to adjust the choke lever at different throttle positions. It's kinda hard to get it set right when your doing it out in the freezing cold, but hopefully spring is right around the corner so I can continue tinkering with it.
It should run better after it's broken in.
Also, running these little engines in cold weather has the tendencty to make them run too lean because the colder air has more oxegen than warmer air.

They also seem to be set a tad lean from the factory.
ya if you have a good throttle adjustment and u dont go to hard on the motor it will be good to you back. trust me i went a little to hard on the motor during break in and well broken stud broken chain bad running. but after that i went easy on it after i fixed it it runs like a beauty now.
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