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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Quenton Guenther, May 1, 2008.

  1. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Everyone, I have a few special parts left, and if anyone wants them, now is the time, before I start the summer show circuit.
    After I start the shows, I won't have the time to make or modify many [if any] parts. I do this as a hobby, so I don't always keep modified parts in stock because of the time it takes to do so. I have the following parts ready.........
    Stock NE cylinder $180.00 [retail $248.60] 4 in stock
    Stock NE ported Cylinder $180.00 [retail $275.00] 2 in stock
    Modified NE cylinder 20.8 MM intake $200.00 [retail $325.00] 1 in stock
    Modified NE cylinder Tapered intake $200.00 [retail $350.00] 1 in stock
    Hi lift camshafts [welded gear] $ 85.00 4 in stock
    Modified mushroom lifters $ 50.00 4 sets in stock
    Flow thru Muffler insert $ 20.00 4 in stock
    copper head gasket $ 10.00 4 in stock
    Very special Head [SE/NE] $ 75.00 4 in stock
    Special Compresssion release for head $ 15.00 4 in stock
    PM me for more details, and ask anyone on this site about the quality of the parts.
    Have fun,
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  2. RdKryton

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    I may be out of line here being a mod for the forum but I have to say this. I have had nothing but great success with Quentons Modified parts. My upgraded WC-1 to NE is getting stronger every time I ride it. I have the hi-lift cam, special lifters, milled head, copper head gasket and the hi-flow muffler insert. He has also worked with me getting the right hi speed jet for the carb I have. I also got an autoclutch and mirrors from him. He has been only a phone call away for many of the questions I have had about these parts. I don't mean to sound like an advertisement for him and I have nothing to gain from this post but he has much to share with us Whizzer owners. Both knowledge and parts. If you plan on upgrading your Whizzer engine, don't miss out on these parts. You will not be sorry.


    I forgot I have the ported NE cylinder too.
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  3. azbill

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    I wouldn't think there was anything wrong with you posting your personal experience with a member
    I have never heard anything but good about quenton or his performance parts
  4. HoughMade

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    Too many times, all we hear is complaints- good to hear of a positive experience!
  5. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Only 2 cylinders left in stock [one modified & one stock], 2 camshafts, 2 sets of lifters, 3 muffler inserts, 4 copper head gaskets, and the last 2 special heads [no more ever]. I won't be modifiying any more SE heads period! I have none on order, and in the future I will only supply the USA made version [$225.00] for modified motors. The special SE heads are just to hard to aquire & modify, so if you don't get one now, sorry!
    have fun,
  6. timmyP

    timmyP Member

    Will you need any of thi to rebuild my WC1 put it aside for me. Thanx TimmyP
  7. Just in time

    Looks like I got in under the wire. Thanks for the nice tapered intake & modified comp release. Clutch mods too. My bike would not be the same without you. (I'm not a moddy or a vendor)