Speed ratios of differing rear sprockets.

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    Hi guys,
    Dose anyone out there know of differing speed ratios concerning rear drive sprockets when used on a 26in wheel.

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    The answer is "yes", but what are you looking for? What engine and rear sprocket do you have? What are you looking for? More torque down low or higher top speed.

    With the frame mount 2 stroke, it seems like the 44 tooth is standatd. Many have gone to 32 and improved top end, but it kills your torque at lower speeds. Some find a good compromse at 36 or 40 teeth. If you want more torque down low, a 50 tooth or 56 tooth would be possibilities. There are custom sprocket makers who will make anything you want between about 27 and 60++
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    Thanks for the reply HoughMade.
    I ride a frame mounted 70cc chinese joby which I've done extensive experiments with. I've already done a lot of mods on it ( carby & exhaust ). I'm in far north of Newzealand and the terrain is mostly mountainous with long flat valleys so I have tuned to suit the country I ride over. I'm running a 44t at the rear and with the extra power I've managed to coax out of this engine it's no hassel geting up the steepest hills without even thinking about peddling. On the flat the excelaration is phenominal I can reach 49KPH with out any trouble then the stinger kicks in and does it's little bit of magic and before I know it I'm doing 57.4KPH. I haven't pushed it any further, don't whant to blow the guts out of engine. I've done sum rudimentry calcs and reacon I could drop the rear sprocket teeth by 4 which would seem to be a reasonable compromise. But there again it would be great to experiment, I'm that way inclined. Thanks again and happy riding.

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    44T rolled my 26" cruiser at 28, and would tach out at 30. 36T let me cruise smooth at 32-33 MPH. I am mainly on flat. Of course on my new bike I went shift kit, which fixes all the problems :)