yes i was thinking about buying a 36t sprocket for a 26 inch wheel. I was wanting to know how fast i would need to be going to release the clutch and start the engine. And also what my top speed would be with the engine maxed out.

probably around 10-12 mph to engage and start the engine
should be good for 35-40 tops 30-35 cruising without straining the engine too much
I did 33.4 MPH but the engine felt like it was revving pretty high....I am going to buy a tach to see what kinda rpm's the engine is pulling......Haven't really noticed how fast I pedal to start the engine but I would guess about 10 or so mph....I may end up going to a 32T sprocket shortly to go faster w/ fewer revs.....This may not be easily possible but I am using a tuned pipe to help with power so pulling the taller gear is not a problem (FYI one of my bikes stock w/ a 44 T pulls Bellview at 21 MPH, My bike with the tuned pipe and steeper 36 T sprocket pulls the same hill at 24 MPH...
OOPs....I meant this may not be easily possible (running a 32T) with a stock bike but with the tuned pipe I should be OK...
i do like 5 for starting heck i can push start it or even loft the rear wheel off the ground and peddale down and start it that way but i stay a safe 33 tops for now its my work bike so no need to mess it up