Speeding, 44 mph in a 35


Zemus DE

So i am out riding with 2 friends(one of which is Zipdrivex, member with a spoiler), and suddenly I got red and blue lights in my little Myrricle Mirror. Ends up in Zip goin to jail for a traffic warrant.

Well it all started out with us deciding to take a good long ride tonight(this lovely Montana Friday night). We put in about 50-75 miles in and where just screwin around, mostly riding up and down the strip (24th as its called here) where everyone here like to show off their cars. So we decided to veer off and ride down towards downtown. The road was empty so me and Zip opened up and tucked into a little race. The first bar we passed had two billings police cruisers wrapping up some bar incident. I caught them outta the corner opf my mind but didnt think much of it. After we went about 4-5 blocks I raised outta my tuck and saw them ominous berries and cherries.

We immediately pulled over. I couldn't believe we were actually getting pulled over on motorized bikes(hasn't happened to me since i was 12). So the Officer steps out and introduces himself. Then proclains he has "Good news and bad news". Well good news was we where not getting exhibition of speed (streetracing), and the bad news was was where getting tickets for going 44 in a 35. The third guy that was with us was "keeping up"(cops words) but was not trying to race. As of such, he got away with a verbal warning.

This whole experience is more of a exciting then dreadful. I got clocked doing 45, its just to f***in funny. It bums me out it didnt happen earlier in the day when the barametric pressure was better and I was cruzin 2-3 mph faster easily. It also goes to show my speedo is reading about 2-3 mph slower then my actual speed. Which is always good to know.

I took a couple snaps of the ticket and myself to share with yall. Just happened so i am still a little excited.

Also if it is unknown, I have a Dimension Edge direct drive friction kit with a Mitsubishi TLE43 that has a TLE52 piston and jug.


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Thats too **** funny! Good thing the cop was a good sport about it I guess. And no you're lucky you weren't going a couple MPH faster, 11 over the limit and the fine increases.
Hope it was worth it, sounds like it. Try racing outside of downtown next time :)
That IS funny... nice top speed. Make you a copy of the ticket and frame it and hang it on the wall. That's something you don't want to forget!

I would have never believed it. Maybe your courts won't believe it?
Maybe save some money?
Still. That's pretty awesome.
You must have been winding that thing out something fierce!
I need to get closer to sea level.
Kinda like bragging and complaining rights all in less than one second!

That is huge speed on a bike.

I feel illegal enough as it is.....when I get up to 40 mph and have two gears left, I always back off. I should move to Montana! :cool::D
not to dissuade ZEMUS DE or his fast bike, but isnt it possible the MPH was fabricated by the cop? in my many years and many run-ins with johnny law, i have learned they make up whatever number they want. those of us who know Torques can attest to that.
if it was 44...good for you! :)
if it wasnt...shame on them
yeah...i see a few problems with the situation, myself...but i have no doubt a 52cc could do it. so, a cop fabricates the stats, it could happen, i agree. but if he knew the law (and we all know most cops don't have a clue about our rides) he'd have busted you for riding a completely illegal and unregistered motorcycle, no matter how fast you were going<---my opinion loosely based on federal definition of an MB.

i saw another post somewhere about a 17 year old riding on the sidewalk, yet he was complaining about a cager who turned in front of him....are we riding toys or responsible alternative transportation?

if we keep acting like a buncha kids on pocketbikes, we're gonna be treated as such. if we force the law to find loopholes (like displacement specs) they will, and then they'll start taking our bikes away.

zemus-dude...why not start advocating a more serious road-attitude, & help us put the horsepower of the sport where it belongs...on the track.
Speeding ticket -- this is what I wish to stay away from -- in agreement with augidog -- so as to fall into a GOOD GRACE AREA -- not to bring unwanted hard feelings - or should I say thoughts from the pooolice -- towards motorbikes -- wish to keep my motorbike speed as close as I can to what appears to be legal in Calif. -- which to the best of my understanding is 20 to 30 miles per hour. At the 20 mph - no drivers license required --- at 30 a M-2 required --- at least that's the way in which I read it... Happy Riding from Mountainman