Speeding, 44 mph in a 35


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May 14, 2008
Billings Montana
This is all getting comepletely out of hand. NO ONE here can tell me they havn't tried going the fastest they can. That's all I'm commenting on this thread. Everyone has their equal points and opinions. This is mine.

Zemus DE

this is easily addressed, my friend...SAFETY FIRST! (pun intended) in other words include your own safety specs/explaination/disclaimer before someone calls you on it. you're a leader & every word you type (or don't type) matters.

I will keep this in mind from now on when I discuss my setup publicly

I do not disagree with what you are saying at all. I am just saying it is a little harsh to say i am misrepresenting motorized bicycling because I got caught toping my bike on an open road. I was not showing off, just going full throttle. A cop saw ZipdriveX's bright orange paint and flashed us. I dont even know why he actually gave me a ticket or arrested Zip wrongfully. I got excited and went to the shop and took pictures of the ticket and decided to share the experience with the forum.

there is one minor thing:
Dimension Edge has been in Billings Montana for 22 years. We have shown this city that we are very courteous and non-obtrusive to city traffic.
let's be honest...we saw a different attitude when y'all visited our town, and that's all i have to go on...now this...so

hmm... I did not notice anytime that you thought we had any sort of an attitude. We came to ride motorized bikes with you and show you our product. I do not remember discussing history. And I dont see how these instances relate at all.

For starters, nothing we where riding at Ocean park was near 50cc or capable of even 35 mph, or modified in any way. Everyone was curious to how the systems compared, and after testing a few small hills and going down a few straights we all agreed to ride single file. I saw no complications.

Point is DE has been doing this 20+ years, and there are reasons for that.

ps-have you been able to research the requirements to compete in "world of speed '08"..? do you think you'll make it this year?

Whenever I have contact with you I dig into it as much as I can. But as I've said on several occassions, I have limited time to access the internet.

And I dont think I will make it this year. I dont have the time or financial power to make what I would want to take to the flats(My Iron Horse is my daily driver, not a race bike). I will on the other hand still be attending the Bike Rally in Ocean Park.

the entire remaining body of your message is cool by me...the "cuttin' in & out" remark was about someone else's post, but what a perfect way to illustrate how quickly we can be misunderstood and grouped together...again, (imo) all that info about safe riding should have responsibly been included in your 1st-post, because all the new reader/rider sees is 44mph and how exciting is that?!? woohoo! gonna get me one of dem!!!...you see my point?

I just need to hit this real quick.

I did not intend to make my initial post seem like I was endorsing such behavior. And I can see where your coming from 100%. Again this is something I will keep in mind on future posts. I am just trying to be more active on the forum.


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Apr 20, 2008
yes, i might have overdone my comment about your previous visit, we did, after all, work it out. i apologize for that comment as unnecessary.

thanks, buddy...we have a long way to go and a lot of work to do...by next year i bet we have us a road-trip or two organized...and i'd happily share the responsibility & the fun with you...i want y'all to be with us, because your company also offers only emission-compliant options...we're gonna need to start pushing that real hard soon.

hey, i LOVE the speed & the showing off...but let's go do it where we won't get into trouble...as far as budget goes, i spent way more than i alone could afford this year, and most of it went into safety...leathers/helmet ($400+) & safe wheels/brakes ($200+)...

because of those (thankfully) one-time purchases, all i'm bringing is a dinky 32cc with nothing but a bigger carby, but at least we'll get this party started...

cya in august :cool:
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