speedo? tach?

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  1. so i have a few ?'s are electronic speedo's(wireless) that unaccurate or can u mount it diffrently to help about the cdi interfering and sec are the tachs for these 2strokes accurate or no

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    All I can tell you is that my SenDEC tach, my Whizzer speedometer and my computer speed/RPM/gear ratio program are all in agreement.
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    I'm using the hour meter/tach from Staton ($35 if I remember correctly) that simply wraps a wire around the spark plug wire and wa-la...done. It shows total hours when the engine is off, and rpm's when the engine is running. Works real well, and was simple to install. As far as a speedo, I'm using the WIRED version of the Sigma 1106. I had problems with the mounting bracket on my first unit (my guess would be that it was damaged AFTER the install), and Sigma provided EXCELLENT customer support - sending me two different parts (two different shipments) free of charge and didn't even ask me for any type of receipt or proof of purchase. I highly recommend Sigma, and the tach that I got from Staton was simple and appears to be accurate. There ARE different version for 2 stroke vs 4 stroke though...so make sure you order the correct one.

  4. thanx guys you helped out alot now just gotta get them