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    Well, Im just getting started but lovin it so far and very cost efficient on fuel. Have plans on at least 1 Beach Cruiser(for Pops) and a "Hog"(for me). More pix to come once others are available. Also is the bike i took teh trip from Orlando to Atlanta. Never got a motor on her, but had to show her.

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  2. ENO

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    Hog ?

    Hey Sphinx..Eno (Down Under)..What type of Hog are you talking about..OCC Stingray Chopper ? We have two and the motorised one looks and rides great even though its a heavy bike..Needs an 80cc motor which is usually illegal but not many police know the difference and if youre riding sensibly and safely they usually dont bother you and instead sometimes pull you up to admire the bike..Posted some pics so you know the bike we are talking about..Good luck with the build and keep the pics coming in..See ya Eno (Oz)

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  3. sphynx.0029

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    somethin close to what you have in that pic but i think a lil lower and maybe 16 in wheels.
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    How well does it pedal?

    Can you move it around without the engine without undue strain?
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    there is SLIGHT resistance added to pedaling due to the chain and teh clutch in the motor but its not too bad, you can still dire it as just a bike
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