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    Here is the early version of my first build. It looks like the majority of builds.


    I still have a few things to fine tune but so far I love this project. I began with a Micargi Tahiti cruiser bike and added an 80 (64cc) motor from Blue Collar Bikes. The engine fit the frame like it was made for it. The only challenges so far, was adjusting the clutch so it would actually disengage and the chain rubbing the rear wheel. I now have the clutch so it works properly and I tweaked the rear wheel slightly to stop the rubbing.

    I added or changed
    added front brake
    changed seat
    changed handle bars to BMX

    I also replaced the mounting studs with 1/4 x 20 allthread. I added an O ring to the carburator and threw on a little paint just for style.

    I want to thank everyone that has contributed so much information, it really helped. I am a visual person, so I chose to approach this build using mostly stock set up. Now I will travel around a little and tighten and fix items as they come up. In October when the weather changes, I will return the bike to my shop for a major upgrade.
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  2. terrence

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    Those red rims with the white walls make the black bike sing! Perfect color combo. terrence
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    That's a good looking bike. What change did you make to the front brake?
  4. TwoWalks

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    Thanks Van

    I added a cantilever brake for a BMX bike that I got at the local bicycle shop. The bike originally only has the cruiser brake so I thought better safe than sorry. :shock:
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    RATRODER, sorry about the IMG tag. How do I get the picture to appear instead of the URL?

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    Trying this again. Here is a close up of the motor install


    Well it worked this time. Not sure what I did different. Now to figure out how to put in more than one picture.
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    I use the little paperclip icon in Advanced reply. Keep loading pics until they are all there. Then click on the paper clip again, and click on Insert All.
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    Thanks Van, I will give that a try.
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    I am going to try loading all 3 pictures of my build

    bike3.jpg bike5.jpg bike7.jpg

    Again, Thanks Van, it worked like a charm
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    Nice build. The red rims do really make a good contrast with the black frame and big whitewalls.
    Re your usename and the name of your bike, are you native american?
  13. TwoWalks

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    Thanks, the red rims do really set it off. I will need to decide when I do the tear down for winter if I want to keep the Red/blk look or not. If I do, then I will add some red to the motor and some pin stripping in red. If not, then I will paint the rims black. Decisions, decisions :???:

    Yes, I am Cherokee, Cheyenne and Irish. Great combination on Saturday nights when mixed with alcohol. :smile:
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    I now have about 5 miles on the bike. I have had a couple issues with the chain clearance on the back wheel. Twice I thought I had it solved and after a few minutes it started rubbing again. Seems my brain outran engineering :shock:

    I did not like the chain tensioner and its slop. When I first got the engine kit, I slipped a washer behind the nylon chain roller and it made it far better ... :cry: oops. The washer was moving the nylon roller closer to the back wheel and there in was my problem ... I think. The chain clearance is still close but it seems to work.

    Will give it a test run this evening to make sure. :rolleyes:
  15. Alaskavan

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    It almost always takes a bit of tinkering to get a bike dialed in. Hope your ride went well.
  16. TwoWalks

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    A washer, for the want of a washer ... in this case one less washer is more. :grin:

    Thanks Van, rode around some and the chain is close but does not hit, so its a winner.

    I got the HT as my first build because it is inexpensive, looks good and is a solid foundation for learning. I like to tinker so this project will be ongoing. I am very impressed with this little work horse.

    I have a very steep drive way and would have to full throttle or a little less to get up it, so for now it is ride and then walk the final distance. When its broke in I will tackle my driveway.
  17. TwoWalks

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    Up dating this little gem:

    Some friends were at my house to visit. I got the bike out and one by one they took it for a spin. Two males and two females, one and all fell in love.

    One of the guys went home and returned about an hour later with his bike, and asked, What kind of motor could I put on this. Final decision: A rear mounted friction drive will be the best! Done, later this week we are ordering the items needed to begin building.

    One of the ladies wanted to know if I could put a motor on her trike she uses for getting groceries and of course no problem. She says she wants to do it some time this winter.

    In the short time I have had this little gem and the few times it has made public appearances, reception and admiration has been huge.

    The only item that I have problems with is, hill climbing. I can not get up my driveway. , to be honest, cars struggle to get up my driveway.

    After it is broke in, tuned up and a few winter modifications, if this is still a problem I will look at changing the rear sprocket.
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    What size sprocket you got on there now?
  19. TwoWalks

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    It is the standard 44 tooth.