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    Just received this today:


    I am sick and disgusted. As a surfer, I'm very much in tune with the fallout of offshore drilling. Killing entire eco-systems to lower gas prices by a FEW PENNIES for a LIMITED DURATION??? C'mon. How much rich-er to the owners of Haliburton need to be? You'd think they're not making enough money from the fiasco in Iraq? I guess not, since they're not done yet. Yes, this is all orchestrated beautifully by our friends in government who OWN these companies and are IN BED with the oil companies. It's all about the rich getting richer, and F--K the poor people.

    Do you know that **** Chaney received a QUITTING BONUS of 31 MILLION DOLLARS from Oil when he resigned to be Vice President in the US? Do you think they don't control him? Sure, let's kill the remaining coral reefs, let's kill the beauty of our coastlines, and let's stock up more oil and allow the middle east to dictate the inflated prices...because it HELPS the American oil companies earn larger profits...but wait! Haliburton, owned partially by the Cheneys and Bush's moved their corporate headquarters OFF SHORE, so they can earn BILLIONS without ever giving back to the US (taxes).

    This all happens because King Bush makes it happen. And if our laws prevent these things from happening, well King Bush just MODIFIES THE LAW!

    Oh, I'm sorry...it's so easy to get me started these days. I still remember times when we respected the people running our country, when we believed what we were told on the news, and really believed that government was here to HELP US...

    Voting doesn't count in Florida...so I'm really frustrated. I hope everyone here, trying to do their part, can see through the smoke and vote for what's right. Us Floridians NEED you to vote in November...because I'm sure mine won't count for another 4 years.

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    PS. Other things you can do to make a difference:

    When your regular incandescent light bulbs blow out, replace this with flourescent bulbs. Get the "Daylight" bulbs and you can't tell the difference...well, until your electric bill shows up! I'm seeing a significant difference, because first of all, they don't use nearly the same power, and secondly, they don't give off heat so your A/C is working a bit easier.

    Try to make one big loop when taking your car/truck out for errands, and do them all in one shot to try and save some gas.

    Recycle your plastic and paper goods.

    Do these 3 things, which are certainly EASY to do, and not only will you save money, but you can tell people that you're HELPING fix a problem, instead of contributing to the problem.
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    I love this Hippie thread! It's all about efficiency... don't use anymore than you have to, and don't use any less either, because that's just silly.

    As for the fluorescent bulbs... I hear that LED bulbs are a much larger step to reducing your lighting bill. How much these LED bulbs cost, and how bright they really are... I dunno, and it all depends anyway, like brands and such.

    I know that I'm going to be attaching a flashlight that uses just ONE 1.25W LED to my handlebars. It's all in the Coast brand LED-Lenser flashlights. They've got a number of technologies & optics and stuff they use to make their LEDs go a long way.
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    Well if the US government decides to invade Iran so they have control of the Middle East oil fields, who knows what the price will be.

    I am watching CNN at the moment and Iran is threatening to cut the oil lines. We will all see the price of fuel rocket in the next few weeks.
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    There's no doubt that if our oil supply shrinks to zero, then we are all as good as dead.
    Or worse.

    But if we can keep our oil supply at about present levels, then let's let the trucks have it. If we as individuals give it up (at least in automobile quantities), then we could have a very attractive society.
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    Funnily enough, I like riding my bike through our defence area (has a airforce base, and a handfull of defence contract companies). I got stopped by a curious worker one day who was facinated with my bike, he studdies world fuel usage as a interest and he showed me masses of data to prove that even our current usage is totally unsustainable. Even today we are sitting at the peak of fuel refining capacity. We cant use any more as they cannot refine it faster. Every refinery in the world is running at maximum capacity, and with the steady increase of fuel consumption we are totally outstripping their capacity.
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    lets deal with Iran and then deal with the shortages. this stuff with being worried about what one country would do is crazy. all the rag heads want us dead . they want our economy to drop to nothing along with the left.. I say lets deal with them now . God forbid if all the baby boomer's children's children, finally have to deal with some hard ships. I don't like the idea of high gas prices at all but we all got to deal with it. hiding our heads in the ground and hoping all works out is crazy.

    I say drill now and every where there is oil and screw the tree huggers. more oil leaches out of the gulf of mexico from natural ways. The oil company's need to drill it so it don't seep out. So now the oil company's will be for the environment.lol. Build as many nuc plants as we need, and find a way that we can put the left to work for osama
    Drill now , Drill deep and fill the dry wells with tree huggers or send them over to rag head land to plant trees.

    this is not a political statment just the way i feel as a citizen of these united states
  8. If we "deal" with Iran, oil is going to double in price easily. They can sink a ship in the Straits of Hormuz and stop all tanker traffic through there. Drilling will extract the last remaining oil faster, but it won't create more oil. US production peaked in the 70s. The good thing about this hobby is you can take the engine off and it's still a bicycle.
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    those are very counter productive ideas that could end with many deaths. that is the type of thinking that got us into this Iraq mess:confused: are you joking about this? please tell me you are not serious
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    I am dead serious. deal with the problem now , cause you can bet your bottom dollar that they will deal with us when the right time comes for them and they wont worry about killing our woman and children or any one who don't worship a rag head god