Splitfire spark plugs

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by BeachBruiser, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Thinking of boring out my cylinder head and dropping in a split fire plug. What kind of trouble am I asking for? I've got a real nice Craftsman cordless drill and this sick set of wood bits that I traded my buddy some old Star Wars figures for. His dad got locked up for shoplifting so he's been selling off all of the old man's tools. What if anything else will I need for this sort of project?

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    bore your cylinder head??

    wood bits?

    You can't be serious.

    Stop yanking our chains. :chillpill:
  3. BeachBruiser

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    Serious as a heart attack, Dave-O:cool:

    The cylinder head on my motor is way to small for the smallest split fire application. I have to bore it and then tap it if I want my split fire to fit. What did you think I meant? I may be a newbie but I think I know a thing or two about cordless drills and tap and die sets. I've already built a motorized tandem and a motorized unicycle.
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    good luck!

    BTW....at my age...we don't joke about heart attacks!!!

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    Motorized unicycle. :whistling: That's a good one.
  6. The guys in the shop built one (as a joke) we tell people, if they can ride it they can have it... LOL

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  7. I told Howard about this post, he don't understand the issue??? Just screw the plug in, you may not find the right plug range.. He took a plug out of the race car engine to show me.

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  8. i really think the weak link with the ignition for these engines does not lie with the spark plug. ive always figured split fire plugs and the sort were just snake oil gimmicks anyway. well that and required parts for any BMW or Mercedes engine, just so you have to spend more money.

    i would look else where in the ignition for performance gains. like a new coil unit.
  9. Pablo

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    That's hilarious. Post pictures! I like the dad being locked up part.


    OK Let's assume you are serious. Splitfire plugs are a bit of a gimmick as runslikeapenguin says. You will do all this fine work, for pretty much nutin'.

    A plug can make some very slight difference, via heat range changes and stuff, or even extending the tip a bit more to the center and effectively increasing the CR just a hair. But that's more of a "keep it running right" vs. magical HP gain thing.
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    sure did hurt my THING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I like that one wheel riding motor THING

    honey not tonight dear
    while riding my little one wheeled motor THING
    the piston shot through the head
    sure did hurt my THING !!!!

    oh yes -- regarding the spark plug -- drill out and tap upgrade
    if we have a plug that works good -- then it works good
    thinking if all is done right -- you still will not notice much improvement

    I would not wish to use a hand held drill for such a THING
    one can not beat the good old common drill press -- I like it when my THING is drilled straight

    as we ride those THINGS
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  11. I would think the only other thing you need beside the cordless drill and
    "sick set of wood bits" for your project would be medical insurance......
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    Thanks - I just ruined another keyboard with spewed beverage.
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    Please take pictures, and post them here, I need a good laugh once in a while.
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    I don't know about how a Splitfire plug would work in a teeny engine, but I put a set in a Honda CX500 years ago and got a very noticable improvement in power and gas mileage over the stock NGKs.
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    Are you going to use Slick 50, magnets to align the fuel molecules and mothballs in the gas too?