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Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by cosworth, Dec 22, 2012.

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    I am new to the forum and have recently purchased a motorized kit for my bike. While I have above mechanical skills and aptitudes I am having problems installing the sprocket on the rear wheel. The first attempt put the rim in an "untrue" condition. The bike shop corrected that but they must have loosened the sprocket bolts because now the brake lever won't clear the bolt heads. Anyone have a suggestion for proper installation?

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    If there are washers under the bolt heads then switch them to the nut side.
    I don't see how bolting on the sprocket can make the wheel untrue unless some of the bolts were pressing hard against the sides of some spokes. If that's the case then undo it all, and do it again giving attention that the bolts go straight thru without trying to push aside any spokes. If you have to leave off a few bolts then that is OK as long as the remainng ones are very secure. I did that on mine without any problem. One bolt from each group of three is missing. (I was in a hurry but I will redo it all soon and see if the problem persists)
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    Thanks for your input. I had the bike shop retrue the wheel but they left the dust cover off and that caused the clearance problems. They fixed it and it's now installed on the bike. If that didn't work I found a fairly expensive but very nice alternative to this rinky dink set up. See the following web site:

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    Post picture we can help better that way
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    Thanks for your suggestion. Problem turned out to be the bike shops fault. They trued the wheel for me and left the dust cover off the axle. Problem resolved. Also in trying to resolve this poor method of attaching the sprocket I came across this fairly expensive alternative: http://www.mmbikeparts.com/sprocket_adapter.htm It's a very clever method of achieving the same thing but drives off the hub rather than the spokes.