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  1. cspaur13

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    whats the smallest spocket and where can u find it. ive only been able to find 36 teeth being the smallest.

  2. biken stins

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    Check out the vendor section. Some are there .Good Luck.
  3. HI,

    If you are using a disc hub mount we can go as small as 15T. The smallest for Top Hat Sprocket Adapter OR Factory 9 hole HD mount is about 27T...,,,Largest is 80T or so BUT nobody has gone that large yet....PM me if interested.

    Hope this helps you.

    Happy Holidays

  4. cspaur13

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    if any1 is looking for a sprocket go to andy. hes got them all for a good price.
    i wish i would of found him before i ordered from dax. i like dax's but i wanted a 32 which only andy makes them.