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zip ties

ya zip ties are from BMX riders :)

it does make the wheel stiffer / less flex.

But - I'm new - so set me straight here -
there are 2 ways to drive the rear wheel - direct friction drive to the tire and then chain/belt drive, correct?

How does the rear sprocket attach to the left side of the hub?

Directly to the spokes?

I saw on a belt drive site that it somehow had a nylon ring attached to the actual spokes I guess, it was not clear on this.


sprocket-donut-spokes-'nother donut-backing ring
(9) bolts-washers-nuts

sorry about the dirty pic, it's hard to clean back there :LOL:


thanks for the pic.

So the spokes are in between 2 donuts?
Like - do the donuts have half circles cut out of them to fit the spokes or do you just mash the donuts together??

Are they half donuts or do you have to unlace the rim for installation?


saylor- you cut the one that goes inside, the outer one just goes on before the sprocket.

augi- "Fantastik" or 409 sprayed on and left for a few minutes, then a blast from a hose or a pressure sprayer and those "hard to reach areas" will sparkle.

Roy Carpenter

12 guage stainless steel spokes

I had broken and bent more than a few spokes on my GEBE bike before I switched to 12 gauge spokes for my rear wheel. I haven't had a problem since. Knock on wood.

Hello Butch!! Maybe you could tell me where you can get 12 guage spokes? I keep hittin' a dead end on that endeavor.:D


Hi Roy
I get my 12 g alloy wheels from www.bikepartsusa.com. The part # is 01-142110. You have to keep checking back if they don't have them listed. I notice sometimes they have them listed and sometimes not. Last time I checked they had a couple different lengths of 12 g spokes. The shorter length was pretty spendy and the longer length was a lot cheaper. I'm guessing the shorter length is the more common size. Hope this helps.

I just checked their store and the wheels aren't listed. They have the 12g spokes in 302mm 75 per box for about a hundred bucks. part #01-132029. You might be better off having your local bike shop order the spokes for you.
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Jim H

I ran 14g for awhile on a rhynolite; broke one spoke, replaced, then four more went a week later. Switched to 12g steel per Bama, haven't ridden enough yet to tell but suspect the problem is solved. The ride is stiffer and the bike feels tighter.


Spoke Question

My Golden Eagle kit mounts a pulley to the spokes as part of the drive kit. Two spokes broke a couple of days ago at the mounting points of the drive wheel.

I intend to have the wheel rebuilt with stronger spokes. I've heard on message boards that 12 gauge spokes are thicker and stronger than 14 gauge spokes.

The bicycle technician at my local shop worked for a wheel builder a few years ago and has plenty of experience with racing wheels. He told me that DT Swiss (a manufacturer of spokes and other parts) did a study of 14 gauge stainless steel spokes compared to 12 gauge spokes. The 12 gauge spokes were not made of stainless steel.

The end result (according to my bicycle technician) was that the 14 gauge spokes were stronger. He said that nobody makes stainless steel spokes in 12 gauge. There are companies that make them with lower quality steel.

Does anyone here know if this is true?

He also said that at downhill mountain bike races he would regularly see 14 gauge spokes pop out of a wheel and not be broken. The wheels failed before the spokes would fail. Those downhill mountain bikes weighed 50 pounds or more. That makes me think maybe he is right about quality 14 gauge spokes.

Does anyone here know which spokes would be the best to use to rebuild my wheel?



:cool:Smallwheels, SCHWINN offers 12g STAINLESS spokes on some of their bikes.

when you change to 12-gauge STAINLESS spokes...change your bike technician.:rolleyes:


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haha...change your tech guy....haha

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