Spokeless wheels, 26inch ALLOY "TUFFS"



Hi All.

Yes-- spoke less wheels or tuffs ..

Any body here tried them or owned them or even seen them?

Reasonable price too..

sold in pairs (includes Quick release )
Suit 8/9 gear cassette.

For V brakes and or Disk Brakes--
different wheels for which ever braking system you have

In a range of colours

Geez they look the part!!!

seller is http://stores.ebay.com/Taibilllin-Bicycle-Rims-And-Wheels



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Interesting. I had seen something similar on U.S. EBay a few months back, and folks who had bought them weren't happy with the quality, esp. of the bearings. However, these LOOK a lot cleaner than the earlier pics I had seen. Interestingly, some of these allow either disk or V brakes. You could use V Brakes, and use the disk brake mount for a drive sprocket...
Alloy tuffs

Interestingly, some of these allow either disk or V brakes.

Thanks loquin..

When i first seen these last year they were for DISK BRAKES ONLY, so my interest was limited...

But now the V-BRAKES are an option , my ears are raised again..

But i will wait on a lot more feed back , especially on the QUALITY.

the guy from revolution cycles sells them and has them mounted for motorized setup price is up there later
Thanks guys,
thats what i needed to see.

Plenty strong by the looks
Cheers Jase
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wow, those are cool.

How hard is it to bolt a sprocket up to a disk mount boss?
I need a closer look at the way that sprocket mounts. It looks like the 9 mounting holes are not used. It looks sweet and if the rim stays true it would last it seems....if the rim stays true.
Yea Revo Boy has a bad rap but you gotta give the man credit for pursuing this.