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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Hajuu, Feb 25, 2010.

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    Wow... I had been thinking about that concept, including gluing a toothed belt to the inner surface of the wheel, (as opposed to machining a large ring gear,) so you could mount the motor inside the wheel....

    Rather than supporting the wheel from the top, though, I was looking at a bottom support, with multiple rollers to distribute the forces.

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    I have seen hubless rear wheels on custom motorcycles a few times. It looks like there is a lot of friction to be overcome.
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    problems with materials

    The main problem I see is that a spoked bicycle wheel is so much stronger than a mere rim even if you add the gear. With the added weight of the drive gear I don't think you are saving anything.

    Looks cool but I think its a bit of a fashion victim.

    Mike the bike guy
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    retromike: I think thats kind of why its a news story since like wheelbender says I think its been done before, but I think this time they kind of did it.. right.

    Haha.. *shrug* looks nifty in either case, and would probably be cheaper to make than the ultra quality ultra strong spoked wheels these engines (even a 50cc) seems to kind of *need*. I've had mine for very little time and already my wheel seems much less resilient.