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    Hey everyone, I apologize for posting a newbie question as a new thread, but I have been reading about motorized bikes (gas and electric) for months now and I am finally ready to buy, with only one final decision to be made. I've decided to go with a HT rack mount kit from either SpookyTooth or Dax. And for the life of me I can't decide which one to go with. I know they both have a good reputation and their kits are virtually the same. I do prefer Spooky's installation manual to Dax's but that's pretty immaterial when considering which kit to purchase. Also I just feel like SpookyTooth is a little more of a established business than Dax, who seems to run a smaller operation. Also Spooky edges Dax's price out by a slight $8. By these observations I am leaning towards SpookyTooth, but for no real solid reason.

    So I seek your candid opinion, SpookyTooth or Dax? Are there any advantages/disadvantages I might have missed?

    Thank you guys for this forum, it has been my home base for MB research over the last few months.

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    Hey Just me...

    I will bounce something off of you. Thanks..
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    I moved this here so nobody gets in trouble. dax please read vendor rules. louis
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    Thanks for the move, I've been reading more than posting and my forum etiquette skills are a little rusty.
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    rack mount, or frame mount? i didnt know spooky has a rack mount
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    Sorry, mistyped my original post, frame mount.
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    i've gotten motorkits from both, and have nothing but positive things to say about both.
    both good motorkits, both good customer service.
    just flip a coin, maybe.