Spooky Tooth HD Wheel

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  1. ModelA

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    Spooky Tooth advertizes a HD rear wheel.. It includes 12ga. spokes, heavy duty hub with sprocket and band brake. What are your thoughts or advice.


  2. Sprocket777

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    Yes, I would be interested to hear about this too. I have a tax refund coming. Are the sprockets adjustable for chain alignment?
  3. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member


    User HMS 1 said his had problems, but Spooky offered to send a replacement.

    It sounds like he accidently got incompatible threaded products (hub and gear wheel).

    I think this hub is designed for freewheeling motor cogs, but some are using it with a fixed wheel motor cog.

    I want to know how it goes because I plan to buy one for my next build!
  4. ModelA

    ModelA New Member

    I got one it works great. It is wider than my old rim. But I was able to spread the frame evenly.
  5. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    ModelA, did you buy the freewheel version or fixed cog version? I would prefer the fixed setup, because otherwise it would require a pullstart to be added to the Grubee/HT.
  6. ModelA

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    When I talked to the guys at Spookytooth, they asked if I had a pull start or was I going to do a pedal start. I pedal start my bike. They sent me the appropriate sproket. Give them a call or email. They are very helpful and answered all my questions
  7. V 35

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    Model A ... Did you get a fixed, or Freewheel version ? Sounds like only the
    fixed would work, I saw a Freewheel drive that had pins you remove for pedaling,
    seemed overly complicated, but a great idea.

    I'm going to run a fixed gear, for now. Would prefer a freewheel for easy
    riding down some hills.
  8. arkives1

    arkives1 Member

    I am using that wheel on my schwinn cruiser. My engine has pull start and centrifugal clutch. I have the following problems: Because of the centrifugal clutch I sometimes have the problem of the wheel getting ahead of the engine when slowing down or coasting. When I try to speed up again I get a real jerk on the chain. A fixed sprocket would remedy that. Second problem: I cannot pedal start if the pull start breaks, and it has twice already. Third problem: The wheel is wider than normal as we know and the band brake sets the sprocket further to the right, on my bike that doesn't allow good sprocket alignment resulting in jerking and noisy start up when the chain is not hitting into the sprocket teeth just right. I can fix that by building a new mount and offset the engine about half an inch to the right and that would relieve the fourth problem, the tensioner is constantly pulled inward and down and ends up not level with the wheel and that causes conflict with the chain trying to creep up the side of the tensioner. I have tried to eliminate the tensioner with a half link in the chain, it worked but not tight enough due to the way my drop outs are. I like the wheel very much and will recommend it with the note that you may need to do some adaptation to your frame. I really like the added braking power of the band brake. Be aware that you cannot use a gear cluster on this wheel so I ended up replacing my 7 speed with a single speed freewheel although the derailleur is still there which avoids the problem of having difficulty getting both chains tight enough.
    The drive sprocket runs dead flat and concentric to the axle. It doesn't come with any instructions so you have to figure out how to mount it and connect the brake etc. I'll be looking for a way to eliminate the freewheeling feature on mine next time I have the wheel off. They guys at Spooky have been great to work with. We had some confusion on my order but Chris fixed that quickly and efficiently...excellent service. I haven't asked them how to switch the freewheel out to a fixed gear or if it's possible to change it without major re-engineering. Hope this helps others make more educated decisions.
  9. skrufryder

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    I have a friend that has had a wheel built up with the 12g spokes...MAN WHAT A WHEEL. Another guy has the spooky wheel but the band brake has worn out over 3-4 months...thats his only complaint....personly i think a disc brake set up is the way to go versus the band...the big spokes are great..I have a few workman wheels from the 50's there like motorcycle wheels.