Spookytooth Desert Rat Four Stroke



Anybody have a Spookytooth Desert Rat Four Stroke?

I just broke out the plastic and ordered one. It looks great, with a 49cc 4 stroke Hua Sheng motor. I almost bought a 2 cycle from Spookytooth last year but backed off. I'm glad, I really prefer a 4 cycle.

Spookytooth website seemed to be down for a while but the shopping cart is working now.
MotorbikeMike commented on having a China 4 stroke with a gearbox on its side. Just might be a Hua Sheng.
Mike just might share internal pics of it with us and offer his educated opinion.

I have not seen one posted here since I registered and I atleast look at, if not read every thread, everyday.

There are pics of one mounted in frame over in the Picture Gallery, iirc.

I am kinda interested in this Chinese motor because it is not inexpensive and do hope it lives up to its cost. As I recall, it is rated at a fairly high rpm.

Hi and welcome to this board skyl4rk :)
It looks like Grubee Inc is selling this type of motor (or very similar) wholesale. I would post a link but I'm not allowed yet.
I know that grubee sells them wholesale just no idea who is selling them or will be selling them as a standalone motor kit.
I saw the 4 stroke kit on Ebay yesterday, it looks like the GruBee it has the filler plug for the oil in the gear box, the one fella in the new posts is installing one on the red bike, looks like he is an excellent fabricator. Have fun, Dave

PS: I have some larger China knock off Honda's, so far they are OK 5 HP.

here is the pic from above link

thought it was better to upload it instead of linking offsite
This is going to be the look I am going for, an old DKW 125.



Its not going to be a copy, I'm just going to add black fenders (maybe with pinstriping) and a old fashioned black bike headlight. If I can find a bigger tank that hangs over the top bar I will do that too. Anybody know a place to buy small motorcycle gas tanks?

Haven't heard from Spookytooth yet, hmmm

I think the DKW 125's have just the right look, even better than the old BMW's.






Heh DKW's are awesome :) such beautiful vehicles from the Auto Union.. Too bad they do not make them anymore it will be interesting to see how this turns out.