Spookytooth March of the Suguaro Ralley 2008

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  1. azbill

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    This was e-mailed to me today:

    Desert dwelling cactus escape from the heat of the day by coming alive at night and opening there pores for nocturnal respiration. Humans live in harsh places like ours for the respite of mild winters and unusual beauties. Come out of your comfortable winter homes for a Sunday afternoon with Southern Arizona Spooky Tooth motor-bikers. This is the first rally of the new year and a beautiful ride through magnificent old Saguaro National Park West.

    Date: Sunday March 9th, 2008

    Meet Time: 11am

    Meet Place: Pima Community College West - South Parking Lot - Entrance on Anklam Rd.

    The Ride: A 40 mile route around and through Saguaro National Park West

    We will meet at Pima Community College West at 11am on Sunday March 9th. From the college, we will head north on Greasewood Road. Greasewood Road will dead end into Ironwood Hill Drive, from there turn left. Ironwood Hill Drive will dead end into Camino de Oeste, turn right. Camino de Oeste turns into Sweetwater Drive. Sweetwater Drive dead ends into Silverbell Road, turn left. Continue north on Silverbell Road until you come to Ina Road, turn left. Turn left onto Wade Road. Wade Road turns into Picture Rocks Road. Continue on Picture Rocks Road until you come to Sandario Road. At this intersection, which is Avra Valley, we will take a break and let our a little two strokes cool down. There is a gas station and a bar here if you need anything.

    From here, we will continue south on Sandario Road. Veer to the left onto Kinney Road. Turn left onto Gates Pass Road. Gates Pass Road goes up and over the Tucson Mountains and then turns into Speedway Boulevard. We will be headed right back towards Pima Community College. If anyone wants or needs to drive to the rally, the college is the best place to park your vehicle.

    Questions? Please reply to roland.bosma@gmail.com

    azvinnie and myself will be driving down from Fountain Hills again this year :D
    hope to see some of you there !!!:D:):D

  2. mtbforlife

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    is this a race? or are we just doing a run?
  3. azbill

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    I believe it is only a run
    the tuscon PD are getting serious about the 20mph limit (from what I hear)
    I have heard of some serious fines getting levied down there (1 guy got nailed for 1200$)
  4. Zev0

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    I'll be in the area, but not for the rally. They are going to deliver my new Industrial bike to me so I won't have to go all the way to Bisbee.
  5. azbill

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    tell roland vinnie and bill say 'HI!" :D
    when are you going to tuscon ?
  6. Zev0

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    I'll be going on the morning of the 9th. They will meet me and deliver the bike while they're there for the rally. Very nice of them. Now I don't have to take a rental vehicle all the way to Bisbee.

    From the sound of your earlier post, I thought you and AZvinnie would be going.
  7. azbill

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    ahah, my mistake...we ARE going :D
    in that case, maybe we will meet then :)
    I will be the thin, strange, dude with the funny shades (one lens is black) :lol:
  8. mtbforlife

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    so we can pretty much kiss the death races goodbye then? well thats a bummer if so, ill tell ya sometimes this country dont makes sense we are all just a bunch of guys and some gals who like to ride motored bikes next thing you know thay are going to band them all for good. just hope that dont happen:???:
  9. az cra-z

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    Going east over Gates Pass? Whew, that'll be a torque test! I'll try to make it, though, sounds like fun!
  10. azbill

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  11. spunout

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  12. azbill

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    you rock !!!
    am pm'ing the phone #
    again...you rock :D
  13. gone_fishin

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    for a good time, call happy :lol::lol:

    spunout, me too "you rock" :cool:
  14. Scottm

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    Have I mentioned I'm proud to be a part of MBc? Spunout that rocks, my hat's off to you sir.
  15. srdavo

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    Way to go, Happy!!
  16. spunout

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    thanks guys, BUT here's the deal. after i sent bill the motor, he put it on and LOVED the power and smooth idle....for about 30miles and then it carp'd out :( . says it wont get power to the rear wheel. stinks.

    anyway, i just called Vin and woke him up. going to meet them for breakfast and then off to the rally!
  17. gone_fishin

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    no worries, we got mr azk covered...i think...you all have fun today and we want lots of pics!!
  18. Zev0

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    Well, I was there. Met AZKronic, AZVinnie, spunout and AZCra z and lots of others. What a very cool bunch of people. Oh yeah, I did get my new bike. Roland was so nice and helpful in everyway. Would have loved to particpate in the rally, but with new motor and break-in procedures, I just rode around the parking lot with a big doodoo eating grin on my face. LOVE IT!!!!

    What is so funny was the lady that took me, said this is so cool. No kids, just a bunch of middle-aged and older men having a blast. BOY was she ever right. LOL

    Before I left there were a bunch of group pictures taken, but I don't know who has them. Hopefully somebody will post them.
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  19. spunout

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  20. Hey! I like that tensioner! Awesome pics,man.