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  1. mattysids

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    Their site doesn't work anymore!

    And not only that, it isn't the classic 404 error type page,

    it looks more like a sold domain type of website!

  2. GearNut

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  3. azbill

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    it's up now :)
  4. fetor56

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    I always have trouble with their website....so much so it turns me off going there for updates.
    One of us should swap servers.
  5. skipu

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    there site works they dont they suck !!

    they ripped me off and i want everyone to know about it !!
  6. skipu

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    spooky tooth sucks i recently ordered the hd wheel for 1 it clearly says laced in house in a 4 cross pattern it is not laced wtf also packaging was very bad hub bounced around in box denting up parts and threads many attempts to contact them with no response for long periods of time also it didnt come with sprocket they told me i needed a hub adapter morons they sent the 5 hole left handed thread drive side freewheel yo cant even buy one seperately anywhere it comes with the hub that is sold everywhere so for a 150 bucks i got a rim spokes and hub and drum brake parts scattered about and beat up i dont think they can even ride a bicycle do not buy unles you like throwing your money in the ocean !!