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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Anton, Aug 5, 2008.


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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

  2. skyl4rk

    skyl4rk Guest

    I bought a bicycle / motor kit, got the partial assembly option. The box arrived with a hole in it (fault of shipper) and a part was missing. Spookytooth replaced the part promptly. Assembly was easy, most of the work was already done. Buying a bike kit was an easy way to get on the road and the price is not bad. I would do business with Spookytooth again.
  3. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    * What you rated the vendor (scale of 1-5) 4
    * What items you purchased - Hoop kickstand
    * Shipping time - standard, no issues
    * The vendor's support for their products - no issues
    * Ease of transaction - website is a bit clunky (ours is too), but I don't really like the password thing. Naturally I lost the password and have asked the system to email it to me, (twice) but I've never got an email.
  4. hellbilly

    hellbilly Guest

    I purchased 2 engine kits from Roland,. They both work fine on my Nirve Switchblade Choppers. I found Spooky Tooth's customer service to be outstanding. When I needed parts they shipped out promptly. They know thier business.
  5. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    Quick service and good prices what else is there to say . They are good people. The only problem I have is with there web site. When I log on it goes too a movie of a dude riding thru town and my old computer takes forever to load and get past all that c**p and down to buisness.I can't seem to bypass the movies I don't want to watck . Other than that I give them an eight.... T
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    I also have a very slow connection with my computer - couldn't find the time to get into their site --- called them on the phone - wasn't easy - when I did get them - connection lost once - tried again - got my part ordered - kickstand - asked about another part I was interested in - all the gentleman could tell me was that he didn't know much about the -part- speedometer - but - was sure that it was high quality - I didn't order the speedometer.. Kickstand came later than I was told that it would. All in all a rating of C seems to cover it -- would I order again - yes - but - not expecting a whole lot... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  7. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Spooky Tooth was a bit slow to ship. But average/reasonable. My expectation is that a company ship that day or the next.

    The product was exactly as expected for a reasonable price so good there.

    My beef is with their log-in scheme. I don't like creating yet another password. Naturally I lost/forgot the password (my issue, I know) but I emailed them twice for login and never got a response. I can't login now, unless I create a new login. Sort of an artificial barrier for customers.

    I really want to like Spooky Tooth!
  8. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    Review of SpookyTooth Cycles:

    Product: "49cc Bike Engine Kit and Alloy Center Kickstand" Engine looks good, if not exactly like the pic on their website, at the time. It runs well
    Customer Service: I had an issue ordering and it was resolved in that I could have ordered just the kit over the phone. I bought something else that resolved the issue for me.
    Technical Service: The instructions that came with the engine were bad, SpookyTooth provides anddtional instructions that are a bit better but still hard to really understand.
    Ordering: I had issues trying to order on the web. Their promotion at the time was free shipping. Since I could not pick a shipping method it would not let me place an order.
    Website: Site is nice not overly complex. It is a bit slow but works. The forum is a nice addon and provides support.

    Overall: These folks are involved in the bike community in Arizona and were involved in legislation that helped define what is a "motorized bike". It seems that they changed engine kits since I purchased mine. Just dumped the old line and now have a different kit. If they have something I might buy it from them, but will be sure to check elsewhere as well since price is a consideration.
  9. BirthNight

    BirthNight Member

    I couldn't be more pleased~

    I decided to order some parts from SpookyToothCycles a couple of weeks ago. I ordered a space master-link, a new 415 chain and the round analog speedometer. I was having a problem with the site's order form (I think my computer's fault) so I called them. Much to my surprise, I spoke with a friendly, English speaking representative who kindly asked if she could take my order over the phone. She was very nice and didn't try to up-sell. She emailed an order confirmation and the package was shipped the very next day. I got a tracking number as well and the package arrived before the expected shipping date. The analog speedometer broke during installation (that was probably my fault :dunce:). It was only 15$, so big deal. I gave SpookyToothCycles a 5 out of 5 for great customer service, fast shipping and no hassles. I think I'm going to order a spare spark-plug, spare CDI and a spare 415 chain. That way when they inevitably break, I won't have to wait for shipping and all that.

    One other thing - while on their site I was introduced to DeathRace. This is exactly what I'd been dreaming about! :tt1: A real motor-bike race! I don't think I can make it this year on such short notice (school/work). But I'm definitely going to try to make it to DeathRace2010. I can't wait; go to their site and watch the video. AWESOME!
  10. cspaur13

    cspaur13 Member

    bought cns carb here. only site that sells it that cheap. packed pretty well. shipping time was alright. cns cab wasent that great though and i think it helped my engine sieze up. but thats not spokytooths problem. grubee makes them so its there fault.
  11. lennyharp

    lennyharp Member

    I rated SpookyTooth a 5 as I have enjoyed my dealings with them.. I was able to visit there in Bisbee once and face to face was great. Then at the Death Race 2009 again most SpookyTooth representatives were great to deal with. They have good product and average prices but the whole organization is great.
  12. javelina1

    javelina1 Member

    I've purchased some upgrade parts from SpookyTooth. Was straight forward and quick. I'd give them a 5 of 5. They've been a big help for the AZ motored bike community too!
  13. cpuaid

    cpuaid Member

    Always fast shipping and very helpful. Great customer support. 5 out of 5.
  14. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    I ordered their expansion chamber pipe on wednesday evening 9-30-09.
    the pipe arrived at my house on 10-3-09!!
    incredibly fast shipping, great responses to e-mail questions.
    The pipe arrived in perfect condition, and it's a very nice quality part.
  15. plinko

    plinko Member

    I ordered off them with my debit card.Took over 3 weeks to get my stuff.They are friendly but,They did not have a part In stock and did not tell me until 17 days later from day of my order.In short,I would not ever order anything off them ever again.With pirate cycles and I was treaded with professionalism and notified off bat If something was out of stock.Spooky tooth's super magical fast shipping was slower than a a turtle trying to walk across texas.Perhaps they did others better and I am glad.But like I said,I just soon not have a m.b. than ever order from them again.Sorry I have to give a negative review.
  16. DuctTapedGoat

    DuctTapedGoat Active Member

    NOTE : If this seems to be an inappropriate location for this post, I apologize. I feel it's a very valid place to have this information, and especially with the fact that the dates will correlate appropriate reviews.

    Spooky Tooth Cycles has been sold and will be under new ownership. These reviews are from the original owner, and any reviews after this date (4/22/11) would reflect the new ownership - so don't expect the reviews to reflect the new owner, either positively or negatively.

    Quote from official website.

  17. skipu

    skipu Member

    because they suck !!
  18. skipu

    skipu Member

    i wish you still had control roland they are killing you baby miss dealing with the old spookytooth !!
  19. skipu

    skipu Member

    because they suck !!!
  20. skipu

    skipu Member

    you must have only baught from them when roland had the reighns !!
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