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  1. This started here, (The trigger is pulled, 79cc Predator and purchased 5/21/16 Sportsman Flyer loop frame).
    But that was before I made the commitment to build one right.
    So far:
    Sportsman Flyer Drop Loop frame (Black).
    79cc predator engine. Governor removed.
    Sportsman Flyer fuel tank, got tank graphics also.
    Sportsman Flyer tool box.
    Mikuni 19mm carb.
    Sportsman Flyer intake manifold and my custom exhaust manifold to accept 1" I.D. SS flex tubing.
    Sportsman Flyer approved Felt springer fork.
    26" front wheel with Sturmey Archer drum brake. " Not Sportsman Flyer supplied "
    Flyers use a Worksman front drum brake wheel.
    26" Worksman 4136Rear wheel Shimano 110 helps keep drive train geometry.
    Tried to use a Q-matic transmission. Not drop loop friendly. So now the Sportsman Flyer approved Bully clutch is on the engine. $245 it better be good.
    Sportsman Flyer Reduction Drive is on back order. It is the set of components that will let this build start to flesh out.
    Wald steel fenders.
    Wald 867 handle bars.
    Schwalbe Fat Franks crème color.
    Sportsman Flyer 44t sprocket and adapter ( mounted to Worksman wheel 2/7/17 )
    To do the build I have built a bike stand that mounts to the chain stays @ 36" high. just like the one I worked with at a Schwinn Shop in the late 60's and early 70's
    ( The bike stand is performing flawlessly .)
    (Changed my mind when I started to estimate hours to reverse engineer the engine mount system that Pat Dolan already perfected?)
    I purchased Sportsman Flyers engine mount system, and wondered why I would ruin a Flyer build ?
    Pilgrims, don't mess with a proven design. I won't.
    Things may get deleted to make a more cohesive thread.
    Any and all responses, or links to resources that carry this project forward in a spirit that advances our hobby/passion are welcome.
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  2. Just did a update on my last post. Most of the challenges so far are self inflicted.
  3. Ditto the above, still waiting for back ordered Reduction System from Sportsman Flyer. In the mean time I started another thread (bad me) dealing with how to successfully attach a fender to a Sunlite springer fork.
  4. Anyone thinking of a high quality kit or prebuilt motorized bicycle seek no further. Sportsman Flyer is what you want unless you are drawn to Whizzers. I went at my Sportsman Flyer 80 build the very hardest way a person can and my progress shows it. Pat Dolan is the real deal. Glad he is so kind to help me in this build. And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Fired up the furnace in my machine shop to a working temp of 65F. Niggely details.
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    Show us da bike.:) show us da bike.
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    Been waiting so long... Need progress pics.
  7. gary55, CrazyDan,
    New computer with Win10 and I have done myself again. Win10 came with McAfee and photos uploaded well.
    I got it in my head to use Norton instead. To do so had to delete McAfee. Now photos will not load to a savable file.
    Got to get the IT guy over here to fix my screw-up.
    Made one discovery Friday 11/17/17, coaster brake arm not offset enough. Explains chain alignment trouble.
    Purchased new coaster brake arm and am going to send it to Pat Dolan for correct offset bends.
    I am a good example of what happens when you don't order a complete kit from Sportsman Flyer.
    Time lost? One year easy. I should have been riding this last May.