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    I found this link in my "political persona", as a active member in Benedictines for Peace.

    When you surf the net, and find idealists (motorized or not), wish you could ride alongside a traveler in her journey, this seems like a good place to promote it. Her journey is a tad too optimistic I think, as far as the traveling distances she envisions.

    But being a veteran of long distance travels, I hope she contacts me about camping tips, and maybe if she gets in a technical jam, there is enough great advise in this forum to assist her.

    Peace, through energy independence, that's one part of the answer.

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    And the second part of the "spreading the message" is the list of monastaries above (the Sisters don't call them convents anymore).

    I am contemplating an East of the Mississippi tour in the early spring. The REAL warmup for coast-to-coasting next summer. If you would be kind enough to check the above list, see if you are anywhere near the towns listed, so I can get travel tips from point to point.

    The list is scrambled, not my fault, but for instance "Covington KY to Martin KY". Or "St Marys PA to Erie PA".

    Connect two towns on the list and tell me about a great route.


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    way too cornfusing for me, man, but i see that mount angel, or. isn't too far from where i'm at...

    anyway, if a motor'd-biker showed up at my door, there'd be mucho excellent riding to be found up this way... www.funbeach.com
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    I never would have gotten an avatar without itzbenz doing the actual work!!! :(
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