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  1. I was just looking at the Monarch repro spring fork. It looks like it could be fabricated from an early style Schwinn fork with the stem removed and any of the many forks that look like the rear one, maybe Sears, Montgomery Ward, Otasco, etc. joined with appropriate plates with allen shoulder bolts at the bottom and a top plate for the spring mounts. Springs? Dunno, but they must be out there somewhere. No biggy. For that matter, mount a horizontal leaf spring and do it like a 30's Indian and forget the blade fork. Lighter anyway. A spring shop could cook up a good one;. :???:

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    Leaf spring? Huh, interesting idea....

    ......OK, I have to admit, mine is ornamental- have a standard springer to do suspension duties.

    However, you are right- a functional one could be fabbed up. I would live to see it.

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    yes - ok -- springer added just for looks

    but I must say -------- VERY COOL LOOKING

    noted - I am not usually one to add much -- just for looks - keeping simple

    BUT -- I LIKE THAT !!!

    really taken notice this morning of some pictures of your MBs

    nice -- still dark here -- going back to bed - hopefully MB dream


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