Spring is here, the fleet is ready, let's see some flowers

Urban Fatbiker

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2:34 AM
Jan 30, 2019
Nashville TN
Today I went thru both trikes to get ready for tomorrow's ride. Wife's trike, a Sunseeker EX, first, as I haven't rode it in months. FYI its Bafang BBS02B 750W like mine, 7spd, w/ a 36 sprocket on front, maxes out 23mph in program (my setting, direct steer is very sensitive). I added Bafang myself, a Utah Trikes torque bracket and battery tray.

Also, the heel support foot pedals from UT, they kick ass. No leg suck worries, feet just sit there.

She had issues with left steer tube loose on last ride. Seems she's been braking witb one hand. Her other grip is weak.

I added a locking LH dual brake lever. Adjusting discs to balance a little bit tricky, but I got er done after few LH and RH slides, now it noaes up perfectly. Not that you want to do that on a tadpole, but its better than sideways.

Also added a roll bar light clamp, a tent bungee knob, a wrap around the grip shifter, made it into a stick shift. She'll be able to get to 1st now I hope.


Took it out for a spin, went a short distance into the ATV trails I been riding, then texted her a pic. Yep. Flowers. That'll be my day tomorrow 'ohh look at the flowers' please shoot me (Carol, ya know, would if she said that to ya I tell her she hates that).

Gotta admit its a comfy ride, I may unlock the limits some day...

Then, my trike, TT early Tour, drum brakes, a sweet SRAM DualDrive 3×7 on rear. And MY bafang is not limited. My nerves are, 33mph that close to Earth is as fast as I've pushed it, and its NOT the max. Good aero position, its my fastest ride. Of course, had to run it out a bit too. That thing rips, 0 to 30 as fast as I can shift, skipping a lot of gears. I try not to shift and run on hub, I might be a wee hard on that cluster though.

Wrapped up day on motorbike to get good feel for my last gearing change, final is 21 and 10 on jackshaft, to 44 and 30 on crank, to 11-32 cluster.

Pleased with gearing. It'll climb a good grade and shift higher too. At 28mph in 7th, there's still headroom, its at mid-range throttle.
In 1st, with a pedal kick it'll pull a wheelie. And, if I do pedal in mid-throttle I'm not pinwheeling to keep up, I can boost it more than before. Helps me not lug at top of hill, so I can scream out the drive to please all my neighbors.

Its four-stroking a bit on top end. Getting a Bofeng so screw the NT carb. Otherwise, all is ready.

Hope the flowers are pretty tomorrow.
I'll need a MB ride after to cleanse my head.