Springer Fork compatibilty - Woksman?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by mogogear, Apr 1, 2015.

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    I have a Worksman Newsboy- and I found a typical basic single spring fork on CL. Cheap price , $25. I have yet to pick it up but does anybody know if the ones commonly found fit a Woksman? Kind of a goofy question I know, as I have not taken my factory fork off, nor do I know its basic measurements.

    I know that it is a threaded type fork tube on my bike and I know that the aftermarket springer forks ( this one included) are also threaded. I do not know the O.D. or length of either.

    What are the odds that it will work on my bike? or what may have to do to make it work?

    I figure that the worst that can happen is that I will just resell it and move on if it is incompatible.

    What do the learned members here say?


  2. mogogear,
    Have you figured it out? I just bought a Monark II for my Huffy but I see a Worksman frame in my future.
    Tom from Rubicon, WI